The aim of 360 Journey to Work is to empower clients who are looking to enter the paid or voluntary job market and find the usual channels more challenging. We offer support to those who want to gain employment whilst helping people gain in self confidence and building their self esteem. Through intentional mentoring clients build trusted relationships, gaining in self confidence and self esteem. Clients come to recognise their self worth through the bespoke creative 10 week course they attend. This course is run throughout the year on a rolling timetable. Alongside this, clients can access 360 Breakfast Drop In sessions to use laptops, telephones and WiFi working closely with mentors, budgeting advice, writing CV's and applying for positions. An important aspect is our belief that good relationships are one of the keys to a thriving community and confident individuals.
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 ‘I have realised I have potential, something I had lost sight off' What makes this course different? 'It is very personal; one to one, and helps with the practical things that are holding you up' 'Every week I have learnt something new.' 'I can't wait to come here every Tuesday' 'The mentors / helpers treat you as an equal' 'This course is very different. It concentrates on the person' 100% of clients say they feel more confident in applying for a job 100% of clients say they feel more confident as a person'
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The programme: Ten week course on Tuesday afternoons Our main aim is to build confidence and self-esteem and help develop work readiness. One to one mentoring Opportunity to link directly with employers Support to develop personal and practical skills and strategies for moving forward Buddy system for continuing support after the end of the course if required All materials provided Free of charge Contact Karen 07421745857 for details of the next course. 360 Wednesday Breakfast Drop in 10am-12noon Informal weekly session for online searches, telephone access plus WiFi, budgeting advice, one to one practical help and support plus tea, coffee & toast. For new and previous clients. Free of charge.


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We need your help! We are always looking to make good links with local businesses and employers. We really value any support you can give with interview practice, providing helpful information about the workplace and offering training or volunteer, apprentice or paid work placements. If you would be interested in partnering with us please email: Some of the employers we have worked with said: 'I just wanted to express my gratitude. We were shy of trying someone out for such a long time, scared of the time it would take to find/iterate someone suitable. It looks like you have eliminated that obstacle.' Nic Irvine, Director (
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